Single Sauna Session 45 minutes $15.00
Unlimited Monthly Sauna Plan Unlimited Monthly Appointments $75.00
Monthly Plan Booking 45 Minutes No Charge

I am please to announce that we are now offering Infrared Sauna treatments for our clients using the SaunaRay medical grade Infrared Sauna. Research demonstrates that the resultant perspiration from a sauna session contains 90% toxins, and not just water loss. An article, titled Effect of Sweating, in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that a 30-minute infrared sauna session could burn roughly 600 calories. Some studies liken 30 minutes of sauna usage to 30 minutes of average aerobic exercise. These sauna treatments have shown to help in the treatment of :

Weight Loss Emerging science shows a fundamental shift in understanding the plague of obesity in our society. Many toxins love fat. They are called Lipo-philic toxins which means “fat loving”. When toxins are present the endocrine system that regulates body metabolism can adjust to keep more fat on the body, in order to store harmful toxins. By sweating and thus removing heavy metals, plastic and pesticides, doctors have found that patients who could not easily lose weight will re-balance to a healthier weight in a short period. “My patient lost 12 pounds in three weeks. I had predicted it wouldn’t work, but once she started to detoxify in the SaunaRay it became very easy for her.” – Dr. Julie Wyatt ND, Markham village Natural Health Clinic, Markham Ontario

Detoxification Current medical literature now shows that heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium, along with complex chemicals such as pesticides, phthalates and BPA are more effectively removed via sweat than any other method of detoxification. “I have been recommending SaunaRay to my patients and I have had good feedback on how helpful it’s been.” -Dr. Stephen Genuis MD, sweat and toxicity specialist University of Alberta Medical School.

Psoriasis Is a condition of the liver where certain toxins are not fully metabolised and they are sent to the skin for future elimination via sweat. If you don’t sweat then the skin over-produces cells creating dry dead skin, and concentrates toxins on the skin producing an itchy or burning sensation. If you do sweat, discomfort decreases substantially and there are no more need for creams, pills or other methods to control the symptoms. “My psoriasis was so bad I couldn’t work, I couldn’t even pick up my baby. After two weeks in my SaunaRay I was 90% better. This thing saved my life.” – Leah Turner, Fergus ON

Fibromyalgia Leading specialists have long relied on SaunaRay’s non-toxic construction to help their patients abate the debilitating symptoms of this disorder. Once the patient starts to sweat regularly they notice their health improves and their symptoms are reduced within weeks. “This company specifically manufactures infrared saunas with materials friendly to chemically sensitive, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients” – Dr. Alison Bested MD, from her book Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Blood Pressure Doctors have reported that the calming effect of the gentle far infrared heaters is credited with normalizing blood pressure almost instantly in some patients. For longer term re-balancing of blood pressure, regular sessions that detoxify the patient from accumulated toxic metals and complex chemicals have helped some patients to lower their dose of blood pressure medication and even get off their meds entirely. “I’ve had patients come in with high blood pressure and when I put them in my SaunaRay unit their pressure comes down to normal within one session. It’s amazing, in 30 minutes their pressure is normal again.” – Dr. Fances Turk ND, Ontario